Do you struggle with how to Price your products & services?

Learn from an expert with real-world experience pricing online & offline products & services resulting in
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Live Training with Dori Etter 

Discover the
Definitive Guide to Pricing 
Your Products & Services
and never struggle again!

In this content-packed 90 minute training, you'll learn exactly what to take into consideration when pricing your product, and how to price your product for your Ideal Outcome - whether that's more clients, more money, or more influence!

Get this 90 minute live training session for just $1!

Are you sure you want to take
Pricing Advice
from someone charging just $1??

Here's the deal!

I'm creating this training to go onto Udemy next month.  
The key to Udemy success is to get REVIEWS!

So, I'm offering this live session to you for just $1 -
a $36 discount from what it will list for on Udemy -
in exchange for your promise of an HONEST REVIEW
when it's uploaded onto the Udemy site!​

What you'll learn for your $1:

  • How your Positioning is the number one factor in defining price, and how to improve your position with every sale!
  • Why the VALUE to your audience members really matters, and how to define this value to set your prices.
  • How to do a proper Market Analysis as a part of your pricing process.
  • The Delivery Model Framework that establishes standards and empowers you to increase or decrease your value proposition in minutes!
  • The 3 Key Outcomes of any sales activity, and how to match your pricing with your Ideal Outcome.

After this training, you will:

Experience ease with Pricing your products & services

Understand what makes a product more or less valuable to your customer

Have a framework you can use again & again for any product or service

Learn the Delivery Model Framework & use it to enhance your offerings

Know exactly what result you desire for each sales effort & price accordingly

Expand your own value in the marketplace, enabling you to raise your prices


This LIVE training will occur Online, Thursday, September 3rd, 5 - 6:30 PM Pacific. You'll get access as soon as you register, including your personal access link.  

If you can't make the Live Event, you'll also get the recording of the event within 24 hours. Don't let the time be a barrier, as you'll also get the full replay available as soon as possible after the live event.  You can watch this as many times as you would like!  

Full access to the complete Udemy course. It'll take about a month to get the files edited and ready for Udemy, and you'll get an invitation to access the program there - for FREE!  I'll also remind you about your promise to leave me an HONEST REVIEW at that time. 

Dori teaches in a way the creative mind can really understand and appreciate.

“Dori has helped multiply my business in so many ways over the last 4+ years. She has an amazing gift of blending her wealth of business experience and her own creative gifts into just the right guidance needed in the moment. And she teaches it in a way that the creative mind can really understand and appreciate. ”

SARK, 16 time Best Selling Author, Artist, & Succulent Wild Woman

Dori has helped increase income!

“Dori has been a creative business coach for my projects for over 5 years. Her perspective on the current business trends combined with her astonishing uncanny intuition make taking your business to the next level possible. She has helped to increase income, through inspired beauty and savvy. ”

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, founder Cosmic Cowgirls,