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About Dori...

Hi! I'm Dori Etter, a business strategist, product development specialist, and the creator of Inspired Income.

What I care about most in the world is empowering entrepreneurs to build businesses they are inspired by - and make them abundant wealth!

Prior to doing this work, I received my degree in Economics and Business from Indiana University, and consulted to Fortune 10 companies.

In 2007, after years of success in the corporate world, I realized that I was living the life is was supposed to want, not the life I truly desired. So, I quit my job, took a trip around the world, opened an art gallery in California's Wine Country - and starting living MY LIFE.

I kept noticing others denying their own dreams, inspirations and desires because they had to worry about money and survival - so I decided to do something about it!

Today, I've devoted my entire business to serving people struggling with marrying their passions and desires with their source of income, livelihood, and wealth - people who really, really want to be inspired by what they do in the world, and not be driven by survival and the need to "pay the bills."

Sometimes my work looks like delivering online workshops for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. Other times, it looks like diving deep into a more mature business to infuse inspiration, passion, and structure to generate more money with less effort and more joy!

Ultimately, all of my work is about you connecting to your Inspiration - and letting that become the source of your wealth - financially and all over your life.

Because I believe the world is a way better place when people live fully alive, fully self-expressed, and truly FREE.