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Strategy Day

A Strategy Day is your opportunity to get both Dori and Michon focused on you, and your business growth.
During a Strategy Day, you take a much needed long-view of your business. Dori will guide you to the goals that matter the most to you, and Michon will leave you with a strategic plan to achieve those goals – leading to increased results with decreased efforts.

Launch Blueprint

Do you have a event, product or new service you would like to launch?

Have you heard about the tremendous success that online product launches can bring?

Leverage Dori’s years of experience running multiple product launches, and her year of working directly with Product Launch Formula creator Jeff Walker.

Monthly Consulting

There’s nothing like having a champion and a coach on your side. One that you can connect with personally, and who understands the issues of entrepreneurship.

Let Dori’s consistent support make the difference in your business and your life.

Business 911

Have you got a problem or issue that needs resolution now?

This brand-new service is your opportunity to get Dori on the phone, and addressing your problem immediately.

Dori’s unique set of skills and broad range of experience ensures that you will get what you need to get past your current issue – guaranteed, or your money back!

What Others Are Saying...

Shiloh Sophia McCloud Founder,

Dori sees the full spectrum of what is possible for you and your business.

Dori Etter has been a creative business coach for my projects for over 5 years. Dori’s perspective on the current business trends combined with her astonishing uncanny intuition make taking your business to the next level possible. She has helped craft and create marketing campaigns and launches for my most important projects – and helped to increase income, through inspired beauty and savvy.

Dori teaches in a way the creative mind can understand.

Dori has helped multiply my business in so many ways over the last 4 years. She has an amazing gift of blending her wealth of business experience and her own creative gifts into just the right guidance needed in the moment. And she teaches it in a way that the creative mind can really understand and appreciate.

SARK Best Selling Author & Creator,
Tara Marino Founder,

Working with Dori we have felt honored in our truth.

Dori Etter is the best kept secret in the industry. Her holistic approach to helping us grow our business is beyond what I could have hoped. I used to be afraid of systems and strategies, we now feel confident and powerful in our business. Money is coming in with ease and grace and our business makes SENSE. In working with Dori we have felt honored in our truth and the way we want to create wealth and transformation in the world.

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