Aloneness and Love

As I speak to my clients each day, I hear the same thread running through so many of the conversations...

The experience of being ALONE.
Being the only one with that problem or that dilemma.
The only one struggling to make sense of the absolute randomness of life.

I feel it. I sit in my office all alone, and I imagine that I must solve all the problems - alone.

Lately, the randomness of my own life has gotten too big for me to face alone, and I've discovered the antidote to aloneness -


So often, I don't reach out, because I just don't know what to ask for.
And there's only one thing to ever ask for:


Every human wants to give and receive love, and when we ask for it, not only do we receive - but the giver receives too. And in one shining, brilliant moment, aloneness disappears. 

You are connected - you are known - you are LOVED.

Right now - go ASK FOR LOVE! You deserve it.


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