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The first 25 days of 2016

Wow, was I ready for 2015 to end and 2016 to start!

2015 brought about many unwanted changes in my life, and I often felt “out of control.”

Since I’m a person who takes 100% responsibility my life (a perspective that has served we well since my childhood), this past year has found me being extremely critical with myself, and spending my energy in ways that weren’t necessarily for my highest good.

And it’s OK – we all go through times like this – it’s a part of living the human experience. And since I’m not an enlightened being, it makes sense that I would struggle with this.

Still – I wanted it to be OVER – and I figured what better time than the New Year! I will simply declare the “phase” complete with the coming of 2016, and move back into the patterns and experiences that are familiar – the ones that have been working for years.

Not such a great plan…

So I bounded into 2016 with so much hope, and possibility – only to be smacked in the face with challenges – everything from technical problems to people problems to health challenges.

And I got angry – WHY is this still happening??!! What’s going on??

Thankfully, a friend told me about all these astrological activities that happened in the New Year – and the worst of it ended on Jan. 25th, so it’s now “safe” to pick up those plans again.

But you know what? Even though I do believe some of the astrology stuff makes sense (and I’ll share more about that in upcoming posts), I also see the real reason why my big 2016 plan was never going to work.

It was all about the past.

I was so intent on capturing something that I once had,
that I forgot how life actually works.

We can never go back. When we look to the past to define our future, we do nothing but limit what’s possible. We don’t take into account that the world of TODAY is not the world of Yesterday – even if something “worked” back then, it’s most probably not going to work today.

We can never go back. When we look to the past to define our future, we do nothing but limit what’s possible.

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The opportunity lies in CREATION

I can see now it’s about creating something totally new for 2016.

Starting from No-Thing and creating Some-Thing.

What – I don’t know yet. I’m still in that inquiry. But I do know it’s the only way to experience lasting change and true transformation.

I won’t lie to you and say it’s easy, or comfortable. Quite the opposite – I would say I’m experiencing one of the most challenging times in my life. But I know that it’s a pivot point – not an end or a disaster. That I can make what comes out of this place will be extraordinary – the next level of possibility and creation for myself and those I care about.

So I’m excited and scared, but taking action to discover what’s next. And I’ll be doing my very best to share it all with you – in a way that makes a difference for you, and empowers your own transformation and growth.

How about you? How is your 2016 starting? Is this a pivot year for you? I’d love to hear from you!
  • Jenifer Davis says:

    It hasn’t started out that good for me. My husband was “surplused” from his company right at the beginning of when Mercury went into Retrograde. Needless to say it’s pretty devastating to him. I think we are “ok” for now, but it is challenging. I can only hope that something much better comes along.

    • Dori Etter says:

      Jenifer, thank you for sharing! I know it’s a challenge, and I will hold with you that something even better IS on it’s way to you now! XOXO

  • Katie says:

    Right there with you Dori, great post – love your openness and courage to be uncomfortable ♡ xx

  • Val says:

    Oh, I know this tune… Transitions and unwanted change are SO hard…
    I’ve spent the last four years rebuilding my self-esteem after coming out of a very emotionally abusive marriage. Trying to tease out where I was “at fault” and where he was.
    The discernment process has been painful, but enlightening. (And growth-inducing– there’s a reason they call them “growing pains!”– using your lingo you can rename them “growing GAINS!”– because, in truth, that’s what they are…)
    I’m finally coming into the light (despite some dark days, I no longer feel like I’m getting sucked in never to emerge…)
    You are facing and doing this all with openness, consciousness, curiosity, willingness, and accountability. You thus cannot fail– you can only EVOLVE.
    Much love to you. You deserve that and more…

    • Dori Etter says:


      You are so full of light – I’m excited that you are experiencing it again for yourself!

      I love the notion of “growing GAINS!” That’s so perfect, and so true that it’s about learning and evolving, and not failure. As I’ve said so many times – you only fail when you stop – and thankfully, even the smallest action forward is not stopping!

      So much LOVE to you!!! Dori

  • Colleen says:

    Just read your post, I thought nothing could be worse than 2014 for me. Rang in 2015 surprise it all continued – lesson that I learned was sometimes you learn the most from sitting in your discomfort. This year I rang in the new year with an open heart and mind to accept whatever comes my way as a gift, one of joy or one with a lesson to help me in my journey. Stay open to love, life and joy and the gift of discovery.

    • Dori Etter says:

      That’s brilliant and so true Colleen – sitting in discomfort – SARK and I have discussed this notion, and call it being “open to uncertainty.” Boy, do I not like it! And, welcome to life, huh??

      Staying OPEN and in the mode of discovery is a beautiful way to move in the world – and always being aware of the presence of love – which it truly all around us when we are open & discovering.

      Thank you for sharing! XOXO Dori

  • Shari says:

    Great post, Dori. Going through a major transition in my life right now – husband ill, career on the rocks, family not showing up as expected to support. I must create my future even when I long to draw comfort from the past. It helps to be hearing the truth from all around me. Thank you, Dori!

    • Dori Etter says:


      I am sending you so much love – you are a beautiful light, and I know how much “comfort” is desired. The beauty is that comfort can come from creating the future too – it’s just a different kind of comfort.

      You are an incredible person, and I know you will create your future powerfully and with love & joy!

      XOXO Dori

  • Hi Dori! I love this post! I feel the same way. The year started with 3 funerals, 2 grants I didn’t get and 1 guy not following up on a second collab meeting/ date potential. I felt super low. Then I wrote 2 new pieces of work, started taking a Grant Writing course, wrote a kick ass mission statement, was a featured writer/performer at a “Women Who Run with the Wolves Event”, got featured in 2 blogs, my bid to curate/host my own show in March was accepted, a free professional photo shoot emerged….. That’s a better start to the New Yearb- all of it happened after 1/25 as you said! Thank you Dori, for shedding light on this phenomena!

    • Dori Etter says:

      Joan, so happy to hear about your positives that showed up for you! So exciting, and you deserve it all and more!

      XOXO Dori

  • Christi Scaglione says:

    In one day I received two reminders in my in-box that life is moving forward. The first 25 days of 2016 have come and gone and I am on day #256 of daily affirmations. So even though you say you are not enlightened Dori, you have enlightened me to the fact that I have been living in an bubble where things are comfortable. I entered the New Year, moving forward predictably safe, with all my daily affirmations supporting me. As I am learning, comfort is dangerous! Why? Because by living in a bubble you risk being isolated. So here’s my great plan: I AM GOING TO BURST MY OWN BUBBLE AND REACH OUT! You are a master at this! You always say reach out! In fact, in a recent mentoring session, without me telling you about my “bubble, you insightfully encouraged me to reach out, not only to you, but to the connections I have within my community to move forward with my business. Great advise I needed to hear! You have taught me that it is only when we actually reach out and work with someone, that we can benefit from one another. Business aside, you as a person are already extraordinary! The world, I am sure, like myself looks forward to you next actions!

    • Dori Etter says:


      You are brave and so very powerful in your compassion & love! You truly have everything you need, and you constant courage is inspiring. It’s my honor to support & empower you, and I’m grateful for your kind words and feel your appreciation.

      I look forward to YOUR next actions!! XOXO Dori

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