Tiny Tech Training: Choosing Between WordPress.com or WordPress.org

Today kicks off a series of Tiny Tech Trainings about building a website!  Over the next several weeks, I’ll cover all the aspects of getting started online.  With this series of videos, you’ll be able to get your own web presence up and running – quickly and inexpensively!

We start with:

Choosing Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Wordpress.org WordPress.com

Doesn’t it seem like a mean trick that there are two things – named so similar, yet functioning so differently??

And in the realm of technology – where it’s already hard enough for the average person to figure out what to do and when!

Here’s a 15 minute video that shares the differences between these two tools, tells when to use each, and gives a little more information on how to get started with WordPress.org.

If you know anything about what I teach, then you know without even watching the video that I’m a fan of building your website on WordPress.org.  In the next Tiny Tech Training, I’ll go into more detail on hosting – the key component necessary to use WordPress.org.  From there, I’ll see how far I can get to getting a site LIVE – without making the training not tiny anymore!

There are two things you need to have in place to go live with a site – and I mention them in the video above – a URL and a Hosting Provider.

Your URL is your address – it’s your real estate on the internet.  I’ll talk more about this in the next video too, and I mentioned GoDaddy as the place that I buy my web addresses.   You can search for “GoDaddy coupon” and almost always find a link that will let you buy the first year for just 99 cents for most standard URLs.

Then there’s Hosting.  This is another conversation entirely, and I’ll go into details in the next video, but several of you have asked me about who to use for hosting.  Here are a few good options:

  • BlueHost – this is a “preferred” hosting service of WordPress.org.  It’s easy to use and one of the more in-expensive options
  • DreamHost – this is a top-rated hosting service, and this link will take you to a special offer for $100 off a year of service!
  • HostGator – this is the service that I have used and recommended for many years.  They are relatively inexpensive to host multiple sites, and easy to use.
  • WP Engine – this is a premium service – more expensive, but has extensive services and faster load times.  I am moving all of my domains to this service at this time.

That’s it for this week! I’ll be back next Tuesday (for real, next Tuesday) with the next Tiny Tech Training on building your website!

Of course, I love your questions and comments, and will reply to them all!  XOXO Dori

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