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Why Charging for your Services
Helps Your Clients get Value

I’m so passionate about creative’s using their gifts and talents to earn Inspired Income – I’m on a mission to STOP YOU FROM GIVING AWAY YOUR GIFTS!

Nearly daily, I hear from someone who isn’t charging for what they offer. An art class here, a coaching session there – even giving away physical products that they paid to have produced!
While it may seem like you are doing it to “help” those you serve, I want you to consider that you have more IMPACT when you charge for what you offer.

Let me share a story to illustrate how I learned this lesson…

After college, I went into corporate consulting. Our clients were Fortune 100 businesses – and I personally worked with several Fortune 10 companies. I got the opportunity to create a new service offering, built around a new technology tool that we had recently released.

I pitched a half a million dollar project – it was me for a year working with their teams to “adopt” this new technology. They said YES (perhaps another time I will share about the specifics of that offer, and how I structured it to make sure it would be accepted), and I hit the ground to deliver.
And you know what happened?

Every week the guys who signed off on that deal called me to see what they could do to help me reach my goals! Every week, I could ask them to do things they wouldn’t normally do so that I could succeed.

Why? Because they had $500K on the line! They needed me to be successful as much as I wanted to be successful.

And that’s the lesson – when you charge for your services, your clients have something at stake! They will work harder, be more focused, go beyond their comfort zone – proportionately to what they have on the line!

Very rarely are we going to be working in situations where $500K is on the line. But when you charge for your offerings – in proportion to the value that your audience receives – your client needs to receive the benefit as much as you want to deliver it.
That’s a part of why my “get to profit quickly” strategy works (you can see me describe that strategy in this presentation – it’s at minute 62).

I find it easiest to charge appropriately when I'm clear about the value that my customers will receive.  That's a big part of what we will be doing in the Creative Entrepreneur's Business Jumpstart.  It’s your opportunity to work closely with me in a very small group of creative entrepreneurs to build your online business.  
To find out how to get my personal support, and the support of my entire technology team, go HERE.  But don’t delay – I’m closing applications on Thursday, August 6th! 

  • I think that is great information. You aren’t just helping others, you are also helping yourself – don’t short change yourself. You and your work are valuable and just the same, so are the people you are working for. We’ve all been outside our comfort zone and guess what, it’s great! Charge for your value and let others know your true value.

    • Dori Etter says:

      Absolutely Tiphenie!

      I believe that’s why we’ve been given the specifics gifts we have been given – to help others and to help ourselves!

      And I love that it’s great outside your comfort zone! It really is, it just looks really challenging from the inside.

      XOXO Dori

  • Malcolm says:

    Glad to see you’re back in the game again, Kiddo! :)

    Keep rockin’ the good stuff.

    • Dori Etter says:

      Thanks Malcolm! I look forward to your new game. The demo was amazing! XOXO

  • Leigh says:

    This is such an important message, Dori. Thank you! So often when we get into a business because we want to “help people” it feels like we just need to give to them, to “be of service.” It’s critical to remember that we also need to be compensated and to build our resources so we have something to give. Realizing that it is also in the client’s best interest to be engaged and invested in the work we are doing together is enormously helpful. I am writing this quote in my business building journal, “when you charge for your services your clients have something at stake!” Thank you again for the revelation!

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