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2014 was a year of upheaval, transformation, and change.

It started with the dismantling of a long-term relationship. The summer had me moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Arizona. And, incredibly, by years end, I was engaged to an amazing man, who I’m now looking forward to spending the rest of my life with!

During this time of massive change and transformation, I knew that these personal changes would carry over to my business, but I didn’t know exactly how.

I committed to waiting – and listening for the answer.

Over the last year plus, I’ve considered and discussed many options with many people. Each time, I allowed myself to sit with the idea, exploring inwardly how this would feel, and how it would support my true purpose.

A Brand New Inspired Income!

When I started this business, 7 years ago, I did so out of a commitment to empowering small businesses with the thinking and tools that big corporations use to grow and succeed. I wanted to bring success principles, systems theory, and sound foundational components to entrepreneurs who may have never had the experience of working in a corporate environment.

I wanted to bring the best of big business to small business.

I’ve done that through my own consulting and services, and I’ve empowered my clients to many successes, both personal and professional.

Now, I’m re-inventing Inspired Income to be bigger than me – bigger than my own consulting and knowledge.

What does this look like and what does it mean for you?

The best news is that I’m no longer a “solo shop!”

Joining me on the front-end is Michon Javelosa. Michon is an incredible entrepreneur – she started as a Tupperware representative at 19, earning a free car before she was old enough to take it! She’s been featured in magazines and at conventions for her successful business-building skills and knowledge. She is heart-centered, she lives her values, and she makes things happen.

You’ll get many opportunities to get to know Michon better, as she’ll be creating new training and free content along with me. She’ll be focusing on implementation and action, how to live your values, and relationship development. I’m super excited about this because Michon is the most incredible connector I’ve ever met and is constantly teaching me in this arena!

Re-inventing is scary - and vulnerable - and very worth it!

For those of you who have been on this journey with me, I appreciate you! I appreciate you sticking around during all of these changes – I appreciate you always seeing the value and the intention in what’s offered – I appreciate your commitment to yourself and your dreams.

Whether you’ve been around awhile or are brand new - it’s my honor to support and empower you to make your dreams real! You’ll soon experience even more support and empowerment coming from Inspired Income – starting with regular blog posts here, free trainings, and a newly re-designed Inspired Income program to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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  • Ko Ko Gyi says:

    Hello Dori,
    ” Congratulations ”
    I am glad to see the selection you have made for your career, building your team with talents that will take you to where you plan to take it to.

    Being an engineer keeps me frigidity with ideas . Currently I am in the process of developing a product which I will be filing for a patent utilizing the services of Bay Area Intellectual Properties. and move to get the product manufactured. Hopefully we can get back to being associated, and helping each other to achieve our goal in life.

    Congratulations again

    Ko Ko Gyi

    • Dori Etter says:

      Congratulations on the impending patent Ko Ko! That’s a big step.

      And thank you for your kind words! I’m happy to be here to support you in any way that I can!



  • Congratulations dear Dori!!!!!!!
    Aka “aDORIable”;-)
    Working with you and witnessing your transformations is a joy and honor.
    I love your site, your blog and YOU.

    • Dori Etter says:

      Thank you Beautiful Susan! It’s my joy to support and empower you and Planet SARK!


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