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The first 25 days of 2016

Wow, was I ready for 2015 to end and 2016 to start!

2015 brought about many unwanted changes in my life, and I often felt “out of control.”

Since I’m a person who takes 100% responsibility my life (a perspective that has served we well since my childhood), this past year has found me being extremely critical with myself, and spending my energy in ways that weren’t necessarily for my highest good.

And it’s OK – we all go through times like this – it’s a part of living the human experience. And since I’m not an enlightened being, it makes sense that I would struggle with this.

Still – I wanted it to be OVER – and I figured what better time than the New Year! I will simply declare the “phase” complete with the coming of 2016, and move back into the patterns and experiences that are familiar – the ones that have been working for years.

Not such a great plan…

So I bounded into 2016 with so much hope, and possibility – only to be smacked in the face with challenges – everything from technical problems to people problems to health challenges.

And I got angry – WHY is this still happening??!! What’s going on??

Thankfully, a friend told me about all these astrological activities that happened in the New Year – and the worst of it ended on Jan. 25th, so it’s now “safe” to pick up those plans again.

But you know what? Even though I do believe some of the astrology stuff makes sense (and I’ll share more about that in upcoming posts), I also see the real reason why my big 2016 plan was never going to work.

It was all about the past.

I was so intent on capturing something that I once had,
that I forgot how life actually works.

We can never go back. When we look to the past to define our future, we do nothing but limit what’s possible. We don’t take into account that the world of TODAY is not the world of Yesterday – even if something “worked” back then, it’s most probably not going to work today.

We can never go back. When we look to the past to define our future, we do nothing but limit what’s possible.

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The opportunity lies in CREATION

I can see now it’s about creating something totally new for 2016.

Starting from No-Thing and creating Some-Thing.

What – I don’t know yet. I’m still in that inquiry. But I do know it’s the only way to experience lasting change and true transformation.

I won’t lie to you and say it’s easy, or comfortable. Quite the opposite – I would say I’m experiencing one of the most challenging times in my life. But I know that it’s a pivot point – not an end or a disaster. That I can make what comes out of this place will be extraordinary – the next level of possibility and creation for myself and those I care about.

So I’m excited and scared, but taking action to discover what’s next. And I’ll be doing my very best to share it all with you – in a way that makes a difference for you, and empowers your own transformation and growth.

How about you? How is your 2016 starting? Is this a pivot year for you? I’d love to hear from you!

What matters to you?

What Matters to YOU?

There are a lot of changes happening in my life right now, and this is a question I'm asking myself a lot:

What matters to me?

I think we don't ask that question enough. It's super common for us to put our attention on everyone else - what matters to them and their needs, rather than what matters to YOU!

I'm finding it more and more true that my life, business, and relationships work best when I'm true to myself.

Life, business, and relationships work best when you are true to yourself!

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And being true to yourself requires that you know yourself - that you can answer the question -
What matters to me?

For me, what matters is Love, Generosity, and Empowerment!


Being Love - Loving myself - Loving others exactly as they are and exactly as they are not.


Giving because I desire to give, and for no other reason. Being grateful that I have so much to give!


Supporting others to see their own power - their own gifts - and to experience gratitude for ALL that is!

This is my focus and the context for my life at this moment.

It helps in the midst of so much change and adjustment to remember it's not all about me - even as it is all about what matters to me!

So, what matters to you?

Honestly, exploring this question is the very best thing you can do for yourself and those who love and care about. Not until we are our highest and best selves can we truly be all we desire to be for others.

Take some time to explore, and share it here - I'd love to share in your discoveries!


Aloneness and Love

Aloneness and Love

As I speak to my clients each day, I hear the same thread running through so many of the conversations...

The experience of being ALONE.
Being the only one with that problem or that dilemma.
The only one struggling to make sense of the absolute randomness of life.

I feel it. I sit in my office all alone, and I imagine that I must solve all the problems - alone.

Lately, the randomness of my own life has gotten too big for me to face alone, and I've discovered the antidote to aloneness -


So often, I don't reach out, because I just don't know what to ask for.
And there's only one thing to ever ask for:


Every human wants to give and receive love, and when we ask for it, not only do we receive - but the giver receives too. And in one shining, brilliant moment, aloneness disappears. 

You are connected - you are known - you are LOVED.

Right now - go ASK FOR LOVE! You deserve it.


The Problem with Should

The Problem of SHOULD

If you've been following what's going on with SARK & her partner John, then it will come as no surprise that there is a lot of life evaluation going on over here, with me personally, and within my business, Inspired Income.

It's a shame in some ways that it takes something so dramatic to be a catalyst for taking stock. At the same time, there's a simple pleasure in simply enjoying the life "as it is" also that keeps us from looking too hard, when everything seems "fine."  We humans are physiologically programmed to focus on surviving - not thriving. It takes cause & intention to keep the "aliveness" in life.

I want to be perfectly clear that I know that I have a wonderful life.  I believe that I do experience aliveness and full self-expression far more often than the average human.  I wake up most mornings truly happy and content.

Something wonderful happened in my life - and it was also the source of something negative that had gone unseen until recently... 

I moved in with my fiance about a year ago - into his big, expensive home in a neighborhood where we are far, far, far from the "most successful," or "most financially well off" family.

I recently realized that I've been looking at these other people - what they have, what they've accomplished - and judging myself & them.  Me for being not enough, and them for being too much.  

All this judgement has created a long list of "shoulds" that are robbing me of aliveness!!!

Here are some of my shoulds:

  • I should have a book written and published by now
  • I should have more money saved and in the bank
  • I should have a bigger business
  • I should be more well-known
  • I should have more friends
  • I should weigh less

Those are just a few... there are more, I promise!

Seeing them is one thing, but getting the impact is where one gets real power. And I realized that these shoulds have cost me much of the joy in my business.  They've caused me to go in directions not in alignment with my truth & integrity.

I started my business so that I could have the freedom to only work with people that I wanted too - and to have a LIFE that was more than work (after having been in the corporate world and working 70-80 hours a week!).  Not to make a million dollars, nor to even be "famous."

Through this self-evaluation period, I've come to realize - or maybe remember - that I don't judge my personal success my how much money I'm making.  I judge my personal success by how much HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT I experience daily.

And an interesting realization arose: I do want to be known - I do want to make a bigger impact that the one I have been making with my business. One bigger than the one my original reason for creating this business makes possible. 

Since I'm not prone to regret, I won't say that I regret any part of this journey.    I'm grateful to have the personal power to see these shoulds and to take 100% Responsibility for shifting my life.  

And that's what I want for you.  The personal power to create exactly the kind of life that you truly desire - a life full of  ALIVENESS, not just survival. My particular gifts & talents are to empower you to experience Aliveness in your vocation, your career, your business, and I'm grateful that I have these talents and that you allow me to share them with you.

My Invitation To You

I invite you to take a minute now to explore what shoulds are at work in your life.

If there is an area of life where you are dissatisfied or unfulfilled, there is some underlying SHOULD happening there...
Just imagine for one moment if everything were absolutely perfect exactly as it is (including YOU!) and you shouldn't do or be anything other than you are right now, how would that change your experience of life? What would you do differently? What would you stop chasing - or start taking on?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below, and I can guarantee you that this is not the last you will hear from me on this topic. I'm realizing just how important it is to our success - in life and in business.

With MUCH LOVE for your perfect, exactly as you are, Self!

Why Charging for your Services Helps Your Clients

Why Charging for your Services
Helps Your Clients get Value

I’m so passionate about creative’s using their gifts and talents to earn Inspired Income – I’m on a mission to STOP YOU FROM GIVING AWAY YOUR GIFTS!

Nearly daily, I hear from someone who isn’t charging for what they offer. An art class here, a coaching session there – even giving away physical products that they paid to have produced!
While it may seem like you are doing it to “help” those you serve, I want you to consider that you have more IMPACT when you charge for what you offer.

Let me share a story to illustrate how I learned this lesson…

After college, I went into corporate consulting. Our clients were Fortune 100 businesses – and I personally worked with several Fortune 10 companies. I got the opportunity to create a new service offering, built around a new technology tool that we had recently released.

I pitched a half a million dollar project – it was me for a year working with their teams to “adopt” this new technology. They said YES (perhaps another time I will share about the specifics of that offer, and how I structured it to make sure it would be accepted), and I hit the ground to deliver.
And you know what happened?

Every week the guys who signed off on that deal called me to see what they could do to help me reach my goals! Every week, I could ask them to do things they wouldn’t normally do so that I could succeed.

Why? Because they had $500K on the line! They needed me to be successful as much as I wanted to be successful.

And that’s the lesson – when you charge for your services, your clients have something at stake! They will work harder, be more focused, go beyond their comfort zone – proportionately to what they have on the line!

Very rarely are we going to be working in situations where $500K is on the line. But when you charge for your offerings – in proportion to the value that your audience receives – your client needs to receive the benefit as much as you want to deliver it.
That’s a part of why my “get to profit quickly” strategy works (you can see me describe that strategy in this presentation – it’s at minute 62).

I find it easiest to charge appropriately when I'm clear about the value that my customers will receive.  That's a big part of what we will be doing in the Creative Entrepreneur's Business Jumpstart.  It’s your opportunity to work closely with me in a very small group of creative entrepreneurs to build your online business.  
To find out how to get my personal support, and the support of my entire technology team, go HERE.  But don’t delay – I’m closing applications on Thursday, August 6th! 

Making Your Big Vision REAL

Making Your Big Vision REAL

Visionary Business Owners & Creative Entrepreneurs almost all have a “Big Vision.”
Usually, it’s a goal that will make a big difference in the world.
Unfortunately, this vision doesn’t often become reality.

I uncovered a piece of this answer in a conversation with a client last week, and I’d like to share it with you now – along with a tool that can assist you in bringing your vision to fruition.

First, why does the Big Vision not become reality?
Because most people THINK from the wrong place! It looks something like this…

Mostly, visionary thinking is focused on THE END – the OUTCOME.
Thinking is this direction has your Place of Thinking and the Place of Action out of alignment.

While outcome thinking is necessary to establish the vision,
it’s the opposite of what’s needed to propel you into ACTION and transform your vision into reality.

Fortunately, it’s possible to reverse your thinking process,  and put your Thinking and Action in the same place!

So, how do you reverse your thinking?

Here’s an exercise to do just that!  I recommend giving yourself at least 30 minutes to go through the entire process, and you may need more time.
Read over the guidelines before you begin, and then actually go through the steps to experience the shift, and you’ll see how easily you can define actions that will empower the creation of your vision.

Step 1:
Think from Current State to Big Vision, and create it in the fullest state possible

Close your eyes.

Imagine your Vision is real, and in your mind, look in the direction of where it exists.
Imagine traveling forward in this direction.

Travel in time, to the place and time where your vision is REAL.
Immerse yourself in this vision – bring all of your senses to experiencing your vision in reality:

Bring your senses to your environment.

  • What do you see?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you smell?
  • What can you hold and touch?
  • Who are you surrounded by?
  • What results are you producing in the world?
  • What difference is being made as a result of your vision being real?

Write all of your perceptions down in the most descriptive terms you can use. Don’t worry about what it looks like or sounds like – this is for you and doesn’t have to be shared with anyone.
Now, staying in this vision, move to Step 2.

Step 2:
Turn around and envision from the end to the beginning

In your vision, imagine yourself turning around, physically, and looking in the direction of the “past” – the direction where you came from as you began to travel toward your vision in Step 1.
Now, ask yourself – What had to happen for your vision to become real?
Most likely, you will quickly visualize significant milestones – big goals that you had to achieve like stepping stones to your vision becoming real.
Write everything down – like a timeline – what happened first, what happened second, etc.
Take your time here.

Allow revelations to come to you, and then begin to look chronologically, from the existence of your Big Vision back in time.

What was the result that occurred right before your vision came into existence in reality?
What was the result that occurred right before that result?

Keep stepping back, and asking, what result occurred immediately prior to THAT result becoming real.
Keep going in this fashion until you are back to TODAY – right now.
Write down each of the results that occur along the pathway.

Step 3:
Create action steps to achieve just the FIRST result beyond today

This near-term result is your first goal! That’s all you should focus on now to bring your Big Vision into reality.
You will see that it is achievable, and that you can now define the specific action steps it will take to accomplish this goal.
Don’t worry about any other results or milestones toward your Big Vision. Once you have achieved this goal, you will simply return to the timeline you visualized and take on the next milestone for action.

And that’s how you can have your Big Vision actually become REAL!



2014 was a year of upheaval, transformation, and change.

It started with the dismantling of a long-term relationship. The summer had me moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Arizona. And, incredibly, by years end, I was engaged to an amazing man, who I’m now looking forward to spending the rest of my life with!

During this time of massive change and transformation, I knew that these personal changes would carry over to my business, but I didn’t know exactly how.

I committed to waiting – and listening for the answer.

Over the last year plus, I’ve considered and discussed many options with many people. Each time, I allowed myself to sit with the idea, exploring inwardly how this would feel, and how it would support my true purpose.

A Brand New Inspired Income!

When I started this business, 7 years ago, I did so out of a commitment to empowering small businesses with the thinking and tools that big corporations use to grow and succeed. I wanted to bring success principles, systems theory, and sound foundational components to entrepreneurs who may have never had the experience of working in a corporate environment.

I wanted to bring the best of big business to small business.

I’ve done that through my own consulting and services, and I’ve empowered my clients to many successes, both personal and professional.

Now, I’m re-inventing Inspired Income to be bigger than me – bigger than my own consulting and knowledge.

What does this look like and what does it mean for you?

The best news is that I’m no longer a “solo shop!”

Joining me on the front-end is Michon Javelosa. Michon is an incredible entrepreneur – she started as a Tupperware representative at 19, earning a free car before she was old enough to take it! She’s been featured in magazines and at conventions for her successful business-building skills and knowledge. She is heart-centered, she lives her values, and she makes things happen.

You’ll get many opportunities to get to know Michon better, as she’ll be creating new training and free content along with me. She’ll be focusing on implementation and action, how to live your values, and relationship development. I’m super excited about this because Michon is the most incredible connector I’ve ever met and is constantly teaching me in this arena!

Re-inventing is scary - and vulnerable - and very worth it!

For those of you who have been on this journey with me, I appreciate you! I appreciate you sticking around during all of these changes – I appreciate you always seeing the value and the intention in what’s offered – I appreciate your commitment to yourself and your dreams.

Whether you’ve been around awhile or are brand new - it’s my honor to support and empower you to make your dreams real! You’ll soon experience even more support and empowerment coming from Inspired Income – starting with regular blog posts here, free trainings, and a newly re-designed Inspired Income program to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Are your WORDS supporting your business intentions?

Learn the 5 Elements of all Persuasive Writing

Every page of your website, every blog post, every interview, every new meeting - you are selling something or yourself!  
Do you want to know the 5 elements identified by psychology experts to guarantee persuasion?
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Tiny Tech Training: Setting Up site to be LIVE online

Today is the 2nd in the Building a WordPress website series of Tiny Tech Trainings.
The video below cover buying a URL, Hosting, and "turning on" your WP site. At just under 20 minutes, it's close to not being a Tiny Training anymore.  But now, we are set to get into design with Themes in the next training.

Enjoy, and I look forward to your questions, comments and feedback!!

If you want to use HostGator, and have it match exactly what I do in the video, then here’s a link for HostGator.

Until next week – when we talk Themes – and making things PRETTY!  YAY!

Tiny Tech Training: Choosing Between or

Today kicks off a series of Tiny Tech Trainings about building a website!  Over the next several weeks, I’ll cover all the aspects of getting started online.  With this series of videos, you’ll be able to get your own web presence up and running – quickly and inexpensively!

We start with:

Choosing Between and

Doesn’t it seem like a mean trick that there are two things – named so similar, yet functioning so differently??

And in the realm of technology – where it’s already hard enough for the average person to figure out what to do and when!

Here’s a 15 minute video that shares the differences between these two tools, tells when to use each, and gives a little more information on how to get started with

If you know anything about what I teach, then you know without even watching the video that I’m a fan of building your website on  In the next Tiny Tech Training, I’ll go into more detail on hosting – the key component necessary to use  From there, I’ll see how far I can get to getting a site LIVE – without making the training not tiny anymore!

There are two things you need to have in place to go live with a site – and I mention them in the video above – a URL and a Hosting Provider.

Your URL is your address – it’s your real estate on the internet.  I’ll talk more about this in the next video too, and I mentioned GoDaddy as the place that I buy my web addresses.   You can search for “GoDaddy coupon” and almost always find a link that will let you buy the first year for just 99 cents for most standard URLs.

Then there’s Hosting.  This is another conversation entirely, and I’ll go into details in the next video, but several of you have asked me about who to use for hosting.  Here are a few good options:

  • BlueHost – this is a “preferred” hosting service of  It’s easy to use and one of the more in-expensive options
  • DreamHost – this is a top-rated hosting service, and this link will take you to a special offer for $100 off a year of service!
  • HostGator – this is the service that I have used and recommended for many years.  They are relatively inexpensive to host multiple sites, and easy to use.
  • WP Engine – this is a premium service – more expensive, but has extensive services and faster load times.  I am moving all of my domains to this service at this time.

That’s it for this week! I’ll be back next Tuesday (for real, next Tuesday) with the next Tiny Tech Training on building your website!

Of course, I love your questions and comments, and will reply to them all!  XOXO Dori

Tiny Mindset Training: Failure & Success

Today we have our first Tiny Mindset Training.

I was just at ICON14, InfusionSoft’s annual conference.  It was great to be with nearly 3000 other entrepreneurs growing their businesses and dealing with a lot of the same issues we all face each day.

The final keynote was delivered by JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s Your Business.  They asked her a final question, something along the lines of what’s different between growing entrepreneurs and those who are struggling.  Her one word answer: MINDSET!  I couldn’t agree more, and that’s why Tiny Training Tuesday will always have a Mindset component – it’s just too important to our ability to be who we want to be in the world – whether that’s an author, an artist, a million-dollar business owner, or someone who simply wants to make a living with their passion and purpose.

Tiny Mindset Training: Success & Failure

A key area for mindset transformation for just about everyone is around failure.

It’s so interesting – just the mention of the word failure, and we human beings get all squirrelly!

I posted a quote from Seth Godin’s talk to Facebook, and it really rubbed some folks the wrong way!

Find out more in the short video that I recorded at the conference, and here are 3 take-aways to really consider:

Success is built on top of failure, after failure, after failure.

The willingness to fail and keep going is the difference between great success, happiness, and FULL ALIVENESS & being ordinary.

Failure is only failure if you stop taking action.

I was actually inspired by Seth’s quote – it’s great to know that failure is just a part of the path – it doesn’t mean anything!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Are you inspired to go out there and take Imperfect Action and fail your way to success?